Platinum Clubs of America 2019-2020

Platinum Clubs® of America

Five Star Clubs of Excellence

2019 – 2020 Results are in and Medinah Country Club is honored to be recognized with a ranking of 14th in America!

The Seven Platinum Club of America Selection Criteria
The Seven Selection Criteria for Platinum Clubs of America are recommended, frequently reviewed and approved by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board. Club General Managers, Presidents and Owners are asked to consider the Criteria when casting their votes. The following form the benchmark of Excellence in the Private Club Industry:

1. Universal Recognition
2. Excellence in Amenities and Facilities
3. Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels
4. Quality and Commitment of Membership
5. Governance and Prudent Fiscal Management
6. Adapting to Changing Times
7. Overall Experience