About Medinah

About Medinah

A Message from the General Manager/COO

COVID-19 and Medinah Membership

During these turbulent times, some of our ability to enjoy luxuries in which we recently took great pleasure have been just out of our reach. And, as things begin normalizing again in the future, we will need to adjust our idea of how we interact. We may be forever changed. Large or crowded restaurants, buffet dining, or even large social gatherings may become a thing of the past as we maintain social distancing and until a vaccine, treatment, or immunity is realized. But whatever the outcomes are, Medinah and its members persevere. Medinah has withstood and weathered The Great Depression, World War II, The Great Inflation of the 1970s, September 11, 2001, and the 2007-08 Financial Crisis. We persevere.

While we need to perform social distancing at this time, we feel the strong pull of that inner need and desire to be with others who are like-minded, and to enjoy the warm camaraderie we feel while among our friends. Our club friendships are strong. You are among friends whom you know and respect; you belong here.

As a Medinah member, you feel safe, respected, known, and nurtured. It is one of the benefits of membership. When you are at the club, you are surrounded by people whom you know and who know you. Perhaps you have not given it much thought before, but every Medinah staff member feels that they belong to our club. This is not simply a place where they show up to work. They take ownership and care in what they do for you each day, because they have a connection to you and to your families. 

In all, Medinah members are among those with the best resources, community, family, friendship, security, familiarity, entertainment, flexibility, respect, acknowledgement, leisure activities, and ownership. All these benefits are in place every time you enter through the Medinah gate. While the coronavirus pandemic is but a moment in time, your Medinah membership is able to serve each of you throughout your lifetime. 

We look forward to continuing in friendship and service.


-Robert A. Sereci, CCM
General Manager/COO


One of the most member-friendly private country clubs in Chicagoland.

Just 25 miles west of Chicago, in suburban Medinah, you'll find not only three world-class golf courses, but a place for families and individuals who wish to participate in a robust community of health and wellness, casual dining, and engaging social activities.

Legendary Golf

Legendary Golf

Our famed Course No. 3 has played host to numerous major championships and prestigious international golf events throughout the club's history, including:

  • BMW Championship (2019)
  • Ryder Cup (2012)
  • PGA Championship (1999, 2006)
  • U.S. Senior Open (1988)
  • U.S. Open (1949, 1975, 1990)

The challenge and the famed history of our golf courses have drawn the likes of golf legends, professional athletes, politicians and celebrities to Medinah, Illinois. Over our 90 plus years, our clubhouse has become one of the most recognizable sites in all of golf.

Medinah's Course No. 2

Course #2

The classic 1925 course was restored to its original look and strategy and reopened in June 2017, and was fitted with seven tee boxes to suit every level of golfer.

The "Golf for Life" program, developed by Medinah Country Club Director of Golf Marty DeAngelo, benefits your game, and enhances your playing pleasure no matter what kind of golfer you are, from novice to low-handicap.

Junior Programs

Junior Programs

Whether they're picking up their first club, learning to backstroke, or perfecting ground strokes, our juniors have the opportunity to play sports and develop skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Medinah's Junior Golf, Tennis, and Swim & Dive programs provide family members opportunities to:

  • Learn fundamentals
  • Master strategy
  • Hone skills
  • Respect the game
  • Make new friends
  • ...and make plenty of memories in the meantime!

Golf Learning Center

Medinah's indoor Golf Learning Center provides members with a year-round, cutting-edge practice and training facility.

  • Three (3) practice bays with three (3) golf simulators
  • Two (2) instruction bays
  • Golf fitness area
  • Putting center
  • Storage for club fitting and training aids
  • Parking for golf carts and automobiles
  • Social gathering area with activities and service
  • Bar

Racquet Center with League Play

Paddle tennis has long been a top activity in the Chicago area, and we are pleased to bring it to Medinah Country Club.

The Racquet Center at Medinah Country Club features 4 Har-Tru (clay) tennis courts for fair weather months, and 4 Platform (paddle) tennis courts for an active and fit winter calendar.

The playing courts surround a gathering place for members and their guests. The Warming Hut features:

  • Bar
  • Indoor fireplace seating areas 
  • Outdoor deck
  • Fire pit
  • Gorgeous views of Lake Kadijah

Meacham's Garden

Meacham's Garden

Medinah is now hosting healthy farm-to-table meals that feature produce farmed on property. In the organic garden—tucked away just inside the club's main gate—over 25 beds have been planted with:

  • 34 different fruits and vegetables
  • 17 savory herbs and garnishes
  • 6 varieties of fragrant and edible flowers

The vegetables and herbs are featured on the club's "Garden Menu," while some of the fruits are being turned into jams, enhancing seasonal dishes, and garnishing cocktails.

Our on-site chicken coop houses 40 hens – all hatched on premises – that produce USDA-certified eggs. We fertilize with a compost made from egg shells, chicken droppings, trimmings, and coffee grounds.

Many of the stately maple trees that adorn the courses are being tapped for maple syrup, which is served in our restaurants atop waffles, pancakes, and French toast, and added to vinaigrettes, marinades, and sauces, as well as being sold in The Shop at Medinah.

We have our own bee colony, starting with two hives that help pollinate the garden while producing honey. Besides providing food for Medinah's members, the gardens, coops, and other all-natural sources are part of a concerted effort to create what General Manager Robert Sereci calls "a homey, nurturing, comforting, and intimate community."

"My team and I want to make Medinah the new neighborhood," says Sereci. "Along with golf, members join Medinah Country Club because they want to be part of a welcoming and thriving social community where they can experience dynamic shared experiences with other members and their families. Building community is why we do what we do, and these new amenities help support that vision in a unique, wholesome, and family oriented way."

Speaking of the Medinah Garden, Chef Michael Ponzio has said, "It is the start of an amazing future of organic and sustainable products that we care for from start to finish. We are able to choose the varietals, control the environment they thrive in, and pick them when we feel they are at their finest."

Food Truck

Food Truck

Creating yet another unique eating experience, we purchased a food truck that now provides a variety of choices:

  • Smoothies
  • Handmade burgers
  • Seasonal street foods
  • Homemade grab-and-go snacks

You'll find the food truck at key stops on our three golf courses as well as other on-property events.

"We are building a community with a stream of experiences for all family members. The golf courses, like our farm-to-table idea and our food truck, represent things that create experiences that will amplify our neighborhood." – Robert Sereci

Pool/Cabana Bar

The Cabana Bar area is a place for members to cool off with a cold drink in the summer heat. Medinah Country Club also offers a family-friendly swimming pool facility for the entire family to enjoy. The pool facility offers:

  • Contemporary snack bar with healthy options
  • Changing facilities
  • Showers and lockers in both the men's and women's bathhouses



The pool has two diving boards and five swimming lanes. Lounge chairs and shade umbrellas ring the pool deck for tanning or lazy afternoons with a book. The pool features a full snack facility with beverages and indoor and outdoor seating.

Little ones have their own area with a mushroom fountain in zero depth water and a sandlot play yard with a slide and chamber.

The pool opens the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend and operates six days a week (Tuesdays through Sundays) until the pool closes on Labor Day.

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