2019 Golf Rule Changes

2019 Golf Rule Changes

Become comfortable with the rule changes to help you this season.
Golf Rule Changes

The USGA and the R&A have worked together in releasing changes to the Rules of Golf. The changes have been made to modernize and make the rules easier to understand and apply, but in doing so, it may cause golfers some initial confusion.

In our efforts to minimize confusion, we have created a series in which we explain and describe the main changes that we feel will be the most significant and impactful. We hope this helps to best prepare you for the 2019 season.

In addition to sending these as weekly emails, we have created this archive for you to access during the season, allowing you to review information in one central location.

Topic 1 | Ball at Rest

Topic 2 | Ball in Motion

Topic 3 | Taking Relief

Topic 4 | Areas of the Course

Topic 5 | Equipment

Topic 6 | Playing the Ball

Topic 7 | When to Play During a Round

Topic 8 | Player Behavior

Topic 9 | New Local Rule

Rule changes by USGA and the R&A